Configure goed Mobile Hotspot from the Menu drop down.
IF you maken pay for tether or have their newer maak unlimited plan, all three will work.Move the slider to the ON or OFF position.We found 2 possible solutions to your problem.You maken will see samsung the names maken and security settings hotspot of in-range Wi-Fi maak networks.Tap to adjust the following settings: Network ssid maak Broadcast network name (ssid) (on/off) Security Password Show password Show advanced options Broadcast channel Use 5 maak GHz band when maak hete available Maximum maken connections Select from 1 to 8 Timeout settings Never timeout 5 minutes 10 maken minutes 20 minutes.When the pop-up window appears: Tap the.To stop maak a connection, tap End connection. Tap to adjust the following settings: maak Network ssid, broadcast network name (ssid) (on/off security, password, show password, show advanced options Broadcast channel.4 geil GHz maak 5 maak GHz Auto Select from 1 to 11 Maximum connections Select from 1 to 8 Timeout settings Never maak timeout 5 minutes.
If prompted, create a Wi-Fi password.
Tap the Mobile maak hotspot HotSpot Switch to turn.The Mobile HotSpot Switch slides right and turns green.When this maak feature is maak turned on, you can maak share your phone's mobile data maak services via Wi-Fi with other Wi-Fi enabled devices.Turn on / off Android.0 Marshmallow From maak maak any Home screen, tap the Apps icon.Wi-Fi Direct and Wi-Fi are unavailable at the same time.For maak unrooted Verizon S7, even third party apps can USB tether but only via third party applications (and typically a PC program needed as well samsung to make this custom tunnel).

Hotspot allows you to turn your phone into a Wi-Fi maken hotspot.
Tap to turn on Wi-Fi Sharing to use a Home Wi-Fi network from the Menu drop down.