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And whenever I trip, bekend I still won't quit 'cause I want me (Me).
Verse 1, maken you gon' have to leave, i fucked up the bekend game, stay with the gang, so they bekend after me (Yeah, yeah).Now the money don't fold, I leave it wegen at home, it's right here with me (Huh).Kayt bulunamad menüm, müzik, vide klipler, top listesi türlere göre, update Required To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin.I'ma keep fuckin' these fuck niggas' hoes.Do you value our service?And it's no love for them, shit, they ain't got no love for me (Uh-uh).Verse 2, huh, high that's a good feelin' (Uh) You ain't with the gang, fuck out the way, it's me and my niggas (Gang, gang, gang, gang) 'Member back in the day when we maken wasn't straight, they didn't feel us (Uh-uh) Now we all got.And that's a good goddamn feelin'.I ain't gotta run up with the pack, come get. Chorus, comin' with the maken money, got the backend with me simlock (Ayy).
Intro, oh Lord, Jetson made another one.I don't wanna hear you herstelpunt rap, I'm maken chillin'.On the stage at my maker show with a pole telefoon in my jeans.And I still got that herstelpunt iron, I ain't simlock talkin' clothes, I ain't talkin' crease (Huh, crease).Chorus simlock Comin' with the money, got the backend with me (Ayy) Nigga, better act like herstelpunt you maker hear me I ain't gotta run up with the pack, come get it I don't wanna hear you rap, I'm chillin' bekend I ain't got time, finna keep.Nigga, better act like you hear.Comin' with the money, got the backend with me (Ayy, ayy).Become a paying member too!Our goal is to here help musicians like you to herinneringsdoos learn to play the music they love.

I don't really got maak no feelings, really got rich and got to keep my soul.
At the house with your bitch givin' her dick while you're out with your team (Uh-huh).
I ain't got time, finna keep.