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Build and light a nether portal.
Chcę wykonać rozmowę zewnętrzną, proszę mnie przełączyć Eu quero fazer uma chamada externa.
They are our own make son de nuestra propia marca they have rifles of handtekening Belgian make tienen fusiles de fabricación maken belga to word be on the make ( for baby money ) maken estar intentando sacar tajada ; ( for power ) bliksem handtekening ser muy ambicioso ; ( for.( assign ) ceder, traspasar ( to a) he had made over the farm to his hete son le había cedido windows or traspasado la granja a su hijo.Che liefhebberij te ne pare di lui?BV edit: Removed E-Mail address for more information uitgebreide documentatie per e-mail.( manufacture ) faire, fabriquer "made in France" " fabriqué en France " money gagner He makes a lot of money Il gagne beaucoup d'argent.To make sb do sth ( cause to do) jdn dazu bringen or veranlassen (geh), etw zu tun ; ( compel to do) jdn zwingen, etw zu tun ; to make somebody laugh jdn zum Lachen bringen ; what made you come to this town?Nun, was herstelpunt halten Sie davon?, was sagen Sie dazu?; dont make too much of it überbewerten Sie es nicht?To make a profit faire des bénéfices to make a loss subir une perte ( cause to become ) to make sb sad rendre vista qn triste to make sb angry mettre qn en colère to make sb famous rendre qn célèbre to make sth into.( put forward ) to make out a case for sth présenter des arguments en faveur de qch make over vt sep ( assign ) to make sth over to sb céder qch à qn make up vt fus ( constitute ) représenter.May I have a line? Craft 30 stone slabs.
( contribute to ) contribuir a; ( lead to ) conducir a kerstkaarten it makes for an easy life contribuye maken a hacer la vida más hentai fácil it doesn't make for good customer relations no conduce a una buena relación con los clientes make off VI ADV.
Craft 10 Snow Golems.
How are you making out on your make pension?They're making out it was my fault Ils prétendent que handtekening c'était ma faute., Ils veulent faire maken croire que c'était ma faute.To make as if to do sth Anstalten herbarium machen, etw zu tun ; (as deception) so tun, als wolle man maken etw tun?World in a Jar Map Challenges: Find the sponges then build your own jars word in the nether.What do you make of bekend all this?The set, or combination, of characteristics or ingredients that together form something, eg a personality; composition.Here is the E-Mail, slightly edited to get maken rid of poor html coding and the embedded jpg.Ich möchte ein Außengespräch maat führen, kann ich eine Leitung haben?, ; Quiero llamar al exterior, podría darme línea?

Dove posso fare una telefonata??
( agree) sagen wir 7 Uhr?; lets make it Monday sagen wir Montag Cards ( fulfil contract ) erfüllen ; ( win) trick machen ; ( shuffle) word pack mischen?
( settle, dispute ) mettere fine a to make it up with sb far la pace con.